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  • 13% False Positive

  • If Cologuard is positive - patients still have Colonoscopy

  • Increased risk of Large Precancerous Polyps are missed - 42% detected

  • Can't be performed with Family History of Present GI issues

  • Cologuard are covered 100% by most payors: Cost is $600 per kit (If Positive - Diagnostic Colonoscopy will be out of pocket)

  • False positives will cause the patient to pay for the colonoscopy out of pocket!


  • 100% Accuracy 

  • Diagnostic and Procedure in one visit - If polyps present they are removed

  • %95 of Precancerous Polyps are removed

  • No Restrictions

  • Screening Colonoscopies are covered 100% by most payors; facility fee can be between $1300 and $2500

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